~1200 users around the world.
Universal AI grading standards.
Download digitally slabbed cards.
Detailed PDF reports with analysis.
Results in minutes, not months.

Our Environmental Commitment

We believe that sustainability is the only way forward for humanity.

The logistics of physical grading contributes to a significant portion of carbon emissions.

By adopting digital slabs in place of physical slabs and eliminating the physical mailing process, Card-Boss hopes to set new standards for a greener hobby.

Let's Grade Green.

Why grade? Ungraded or raw cards often sell at a lower price than graded ones.

CardBoss provides affordable and accurate instant card grading for all trading cards.

Sports Cards. Pokémon Cards. Magic The Gathering. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. You name it. We grade it.

Grades are assigned based on universal card grading standards, using a combination of AI and computer vision algorithms.

Grade 5 cards for free before subscribing.

CardBoss Grading Report
  • Each graded card gets a digital slab and a detailed PDF report.

  • Individual grades for front and back sides of the card.

  • Grade breakdown for edges, corners and surfaces.

  • Unique card ID for future grade verification on selling.